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 - Made by one tube without any intermediate connections, leading to better anti-leaking performance
- Compact design with high heat transfer efficiency
- Applicable for coffee machine, beer machine, miniature heater or radiator
- Customization available for specified coil shape.

Flower flat Coil heat exchanger

  • - Material: 304 Stainless Steel (316L, 321, etc. Stainless Steel available to order)
    - Tubing Dimensions (O.D.×Thickness, in./mm): 0.315×0.020/8×0.5, 0.472×0.028/12×0.7, 0.630×0.035/16×0.9, 0.866×0.039/22×1.0, or made-to-order
    - Coil Dimensions: made-to-order

    - Stainless-steel coil is designed primarily for heat-exchanging. Due to the operating condition of heat-exchanging process between different heat mediums (fluid or gas) located inside/outside the tubing forming coil, it is required that the steel tubing having great quality so that has sufficient capability for bearing certain pressure. Our quality control (QC) on coils could be roughly divided into two parts: Process QC and Product QC. For the former, regular expanding tests are executed depending on specified routine. The requirement for test pieces is No Failure on 20% expansion (see the following figure). For the latter, air tight test are executed on products and No Leaking is permitted for the test pieces holding certain outward test pressure.
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