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Sea Corrision Resistance - Super Ferritic Stainless Steel Tube (UNS-S44660)


Super-ferritic stainless steels tubing(UNS-S44660) is specifically designed for applications where chloride induced pitting, crevice and stress corrosion cracking may be encountered. Super ferritic stainless steel is used in Electric Power Plant Condensers and Feedwater Heaters, BOP Exchangers, Various Chemical, Petrochemical and Refining Applications, and Desalination Heat Exchangers.


UNS #S44660 stainless steel has a number of attractive physical properties, including low thermal expansion, good thermal conductivity, and a high elastic modulus which provides high stiffness. High stiffness allows less vibration than with other engineering materials. The thermal expansion coefficients are similar to those of carbon steel and lower than those of the austenitic stainless steel or copper alloys. The thermal conductivity is similar to titanium and higher than the austenitic stainless steels of high nickel alloys. The passive corrosion resistant film is extremely thin, which allows good heat transfer performance.





  • The ferritic structure provides a high strength/low work hardening material with good ductility.

  • These properties allow high design stress limits with good fabrication characteristics. Because of the nickel addition, Super Ferritic Stainless Steel has a lower ductile-to-brittle transition temperature than similar ferritic steels without nickel additions.

  • Significantly higher modulus that allows the use of a lighter wall with less problem of vibration

  • Higher steam and water droplet erosion resistance allowing a greater cushion in cases where upset conditions may occur

  • Weldability to other stainless steels

  • Higher strength and modulus which allows more tolerance for those tough designs and installations

  • Superior Corrosion Resistance


Chemical elements:









  1. Introduction to Super Ferritic Stainless Steel

  2. Corrosion Study of Super Ferritic Stainless Steel UNS S44660

  3. Superferritic Stainless Steels –The Cost Effective Answer for Heat Transfer Tubing




  • OD Range: .25-4.5" (6.35mm-114.3mm)

  • Wall Range:  .0118-.118" (0.3mm-3.0mm)

  • Max Length: 130' (39 m)

  • Grade: UNS S44660 


Advantages of UNS-S44660 Super Ferritic Stainless Steel over Titanium:

  • Recovery from hydrogen embrittlemen

  • Superior mechanical strengt

  • More resistant to water droplet erosion

  • Higher vibration span

  • No reports of longitudinal cracks from whirling vibration


Contact for Questions:


If you have any question regarding our UNS-S44660 ferritic stainless steel tube product, please email us at or directly fill the contact form below, our engineer will contact you as soon as we can.


UNS-S44660 Chemical Elements

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