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 - Compact design with high heat transfer efficiency
- Formed by combining multiple circles and layers into one whole, leading to larger surface and space for heat-exchanging, and better working performance.
- Each single-layer of coil is made by one tube without any intermediate connections. There are only three solder connections joining four layers of a coil, leading to better anti-leaking performance.
- Applicable for beer machine
- Customization available. Please contact us to make your own size.

SS 4-layers Square-shaped Cooling Tubing Coil

  • - Material: 304 Stainless Steel (316L, 321, etc. Stainless Steel available to order)
    - Tubing Dimensions (O.D.×Thickness, in./mm): 0.315×0.02/8×0.5
    - 1st Coil (outmost) Dimensions (Width×Length): 8.35×8.35 in.2 / 212×212 mm2
    - 2nd Coil Dimensions (Width×Length): 7.17×7.17 in.2 / 182×182 mm2
    - 3rd Coil Dimensions (Width×Length): 5.98×5.98 in.2 / 152×152 mm2
    - 4th Coil (innermost) Dimensions (Width×Length): 4.80×4.80 in.2 / 122×122 mm2
    - Coil Height (each layer, Most axially pressed to Most axially stretched): 16.73 to 19.02 in. / 425 to 483 mm
    - Number of Coils: 25×4
    - Liquid Content: 1/2 oz per foot
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