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Stainless Steel and Heat Exchangers

stainless steel helical coil heat exchanger

Many industries more often use processes involving heating and cooling. Due to this, heat exchangers are a vital part of these industries. Reliability and efficiency has made stainless steel become a more and more popular material in today's industry. As many of these industries continue to strive towards higher productivity, stainless steel offers many benefits. One that it is very durable due to its resistance to corrosion, oxidation and even scaling at high temperatures. Second that it, maintains its durability even in high or low temperatures. Stainless steel also maintains excellent heat transfer, making an ever greater material of choice for industries using heat exchange processes. Also available in a variety of different compositions and can easily be fabricated for multiple industries. Contact LiZheng Stainless Steel Tube & Coil Corp for your fabrication or quote.

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