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Indirect Water Heaters and Heat Exchangers

Lizheng stainless steel coils and applications on indirect water heaters

Indirect Water Heaters are particularly suited for multipurpose heating in a variety of applications. A single unit, for example can be used for hot water and space heating, as well as pool heating and temperature controlled water variants for restaurants. The indirect heat exchanger method of heating water is simple. The primary water in the heater is maintained at a constant temperature and recirculated within the heating tank. The heat exchanger, placed in the primary water, absorbs heat and transfers it to the water flowing through copper or stainless steel tubes. The heat exchanger is constructed of heavy tubing which transfers heat from the primary water to the water flowing through the exchanger. The process water does not come into contact with high temperature heating surfaces, so there is minimal danger of scale or corrosion. Using the best coils for the right price is important. Contact Lizheng Stainless Steel Tube & Coil Corp to receive a quote on copper or stainless steel coils used in these types of applications.

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