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Helically Coiled Heat Exchangers

Helical Coiled Heat Exchanger

Helically coiled heat exchangers offer certain advantages. The coils can be fabricated into compact sizes providing a unique benefit. Higher film coefficients, or the rate at which heat is transferred through a wall from one fluid to another is a more effective. Counter current flow, fully utilizes available LMTD(logarithmic mean temperature difference). The helical geometry permits handling of high temperatures and variant temperature differentials without high induced stresses or costly expansion joints. High-pressure capability and the ability to fully clean the service-fluid flow area adds to the one of many benefits. Although various coil configurations are available, the basic and most common design consists of stacked helically coiled tubes. Tube ends are connected to manifolds, which act as fluid entry and exit locations. The bundle of tube coils are constructed with a number of tubes stacked atop each other, and the entire bundle is placed inside a casing, or shell. Once positioned in the shell or casing, the assembly forms a helical flow path. As with any heat exchanger, flow rate, allowable pressure, physical properties of fluid, and construction material control the final design. Helical heat exchangers offer several distinct advantages to the user depending material and design. If interested in our Helical tube coils, contact Lizheng for price quotation on your coil design.

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