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Stainless Steel for high temperature helical coil recuperator

Stainless steel tubing or sheet is a common material that used in constructing high temperature helical coil recuperators used in recover useful process heat from hot gases that would be otherwise lost to the atmosphere. Such recuperator would not only help save energy, but also help with pollution control. For example, glass industry using recuperator to cool exhaust gases so they can be filtered through fabric bags. In which way, most of the particulate matter in the exhaust gases can be removed economically.

Helical coil for recuperator

Glass plant exhaust gases can range up to 2500F (1317 C), or maybe even above in some cases. When design the helical coil recuperator for it, Alloys need to be selected for durability of up to 10 years with consideration of high temperature and corrosive nature of the hot gases

The most common stainless steel used for high temperature applications is Types 310. For applications with temperatures of 1200F (650C) or below, Type 304 stainless steel can be used. In some applications straight-chromium stainless steel, such as Types 430 and 446, have been used.

For further more information about stainless steel material using for high temperature helical coil recuperator, please email Lizheng Stainless Steel Tube & Coil Corp at

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