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Heat-Exchange and Water Cooling

Stainless Steel Tube & Shell Heat Exchanger

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers, have outer flanged shells with end bonnets that are accurately sealed to the shell ends. A particular pattern of tubing in the shell runs through the duration of the shell and terminates in end plates. Tube ends are fastened to the cease plates, which seal every end of the shell. Cool water flows inside the tubes, and warm hydraulic oil flows around the tubes in the shell.

Heat exchangers are manufactured from pink brass, copper, solid iron, admiralty brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and special metals. These tubes make up the center, and are organized in geometric tube bundle patterns to help pressure flow. The tubes run through baffle plates that offer structural pressure and create a maze through which the hot fluid need to flow. This pattern enhances heat transfer by forcing the new fluid to go with the flow perpendicular to the tubes and promoting a laminar drift. Many tube bundles for hydraulic packages are permanently sealed in the shell. Fashions with removable tube bundles are available however, can be costly and

feature unique sealing conditions.

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