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Copper tube coil or Stainless Steel tube coil in Brewing

120' Jockey box cooling coil

A wort chiller is a device that cools down unfermented beer after boiling. Cooling down wort quickly is important because it helps to reduce the chances of bacteria from growing before you pitch the yeast. Yeast needs a certain temperature to live; if too hot you will kill the yeast, too cold, and it may not ferment properly. Rapidly cooling wort is important as well, because it will help discourage certain unwanted flavors in the final brew. A wort chiller passes hot wort through a copper tube cooling coil or stainless steel tube cooling coil submerged in a device filled with cold water and out through a ball valve on the side. The wort will drain out into a fermenting bucket where the beer will go to firment. Copper is usually the standard material for wort chillers, because of its ability to transfer heat. 3/8" and 1/2" OD soft copper tubing is most widely used and whatever diameter you choose will depend on the batch size. Stainless steel tube cooling coil chillers can also be purchased for the same cost as a copper chiller of similar dimensions. Relatively new on the scene, stainless steel usually can offer the same quality as copper for a much cheaper price. The material you choose will be a personal choice, you can't go wrong with either or. Check out our ability to fabricate customized needs. Email us to receive quotations on your design. If you want your coil to be high quality with lower price, Lizheng Stainless Steel Tube & Coil Corp will be your best choice.

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