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Properties of Copper

copper tube coil

Copper is a great conductor of heat. This means that if you heat one end of copper, the other end will reach the same temperature quickly. Most metals are good conductors of heat; however, apart from silver, copper is one the best. It is used in many heating applications because it doesn't corrode and has to reach high temperatures to melt. Apart from copper, the only other material that has similar resistance to corrosion is stainless steel. However, its thermal conductivity is 30 times less than copper's. Copper allows high temperatures to pass through it quickly. Therefore it is used in many applications where quick heat transfer is important. These applications include the following; Copper plates,Copper pipes, Heat exchangers in hot water tanks, floor heating systems, as well as car radiators.Lizheng Stainless Steel Tube & Coil Corp can manufacture the tube coils needed for your application. Email us to receive a quote on your coils.

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