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Introduction to super ferritic stainless steel (UNS-S44660)

UNS-S44660 sea cure tube

The ferritic structure of grade UNS S44660 stainless steel provides a high strength/low work hardening material with good ductility. Ferritic properties allow high stress limits with good fabrication characteristics, because nickel addition to the ferritic steel it holds a lower ductile-to-brittle transition temperature. Similar ferritic steel without nickel additions do not compete with this grade. Significantly higher elastic modulus allows the use of a lighter wall with less problem of vibration. The higher strength is what allows more tolerance for those tough designs and installations. The superior corrosion resistance is what makes this grade vital to many chemical and gas industries. The choice of condenser tubes is vital to the investment and maintenance costs of the whole equipments. To learn more about ferritic stainless steel (grade UNS S44660) visit our product list at

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