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Seamless Steel Tubing

Extreme length stainless steel seamless tube

Seamless steel pipe manufacturing process starts with a solid, round steel billet. This billet is then heated to great temperatures, pulled over a form until it takes the shape of a hollow tube. As other steel manufacturers will tell you, there are great advantages to making a pipe this way.

Increased Pressure Rating

The best advantage of seamless steel pipes is their increased ability to withstand pressure. The weakest point in a welded steel pipe is the welded seams. But because a seamless steel pipe has no welds, it doesn’t have a seam, making it equally strong around the entire circumference of the pipe.

Also it is much easier to determine pressure calculations without being required to take weld quality into consideration.


Because a welded seam pipe is wrapped around another form before it is welded, and because welding adds heat, stress and other extreme variables to the forming process, it can never be as round as seamless pipes.

Seamless steel pipes are a continuous extrusion of the alloy, meaning that it will have a round cross section that you can count on, which is helpful when you’re installing these pipes or adding fittings.


Seamless steel pipes can sometimes be more expensive than other forms of steel pipes, but they are extremely reliable.

This is because the pipes have better strength under loading. Empty pipes must always support its own weight, but when a pipe is filled with material–or under load–it must also support that pipes weight as well. Pipe failures, leaks, are in welded pipes usually occurring at the welded seams. But because seamless pipe don't have welded seams, they are not subject to these flaws.

If you’re considering seamless steel pipes for your next commercial project, please get in touch with us and request a quote. As a leading international steel tube and coil supplier, we can provide you with the quality and price you need and can quickly ship your order to anywhere in the world.

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